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Who Am I? Marta, the Queen of Soccer

How can you believe in yourself if you don’t know yourself?

Marta Vieira da Silva had no problem figuring out who she was. Famously known in the world of soccer by only her first name, Marta was born to be a soccer player. Considered by many to be the queen of soccer, the Brazilian player has scored more Women’s World Cup goals, 17, than any other player in the history of the sport and has been named the FIFA Female World Player of the Year six times, three more than the next highest player.    

Marta had a passion for soccer from a very young age and honed her skills playing on the streets with the boys from her neighborhood. Although she was an amazing player, Marta had the burden of being a girl playing a boy’s game. In Brazil the game was not seen as something that girls should be doing. 

Despite the fact that Marta was better than most of the boys she played against, she still suffered discrimination from other players. They would give her disparaging nicknames and ask her why she kept insisting on coming around. 

With all the obstacles placed in front of her, from growing up in deep poverty to gender discrimination, Marta knew in her heart what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be. She did not let other people define who she was and, ironically, she became the queen of the very place she was once told she didn’t belong. 

Everyone is on their own path.

We all have a place at the table and, as Marta proved, the best way to fit in is to be true to who you are, not who other people believe you should be. Take off your mainstream blinders and find what’s right for you. Think about it, in the mainstream of Brazil, soccer was once not for girls and out of that emerged Marta, the global queen of soccer. 

Do not fear the opinions of others. Whether It be scientific, spiritual, or a combination of the two, find the best ways to discover the best of who you are and don’t stop – keep growing!

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