The GameChange Story

GameChange is dedicated to empowering a global community of athletes with inspirational sports stories that teach great life lessons combined with educational resources that help our members to live their best lives. We achieve this through partnerships with mind/body/spirit experts in education, neuroscience, psychology, fitness, nutrition, and athletics. However, GameChange believes that the best resource we are providing to the community is a safe place where everyone can find each other to share their stories and experiences to inspire and encourage each other.

GameChange was borne through the personal struggles of company co-founder Paul McDonald. Paul was an All-American quarterback and national champion at USC before embarking on an eight year career in the NFL. Although Paul successfully transitioned to a corporate career he began to realize that he was not happy and this was manifesting itself in an unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyle. Paul took the time to dive inward and seek the things in life that he wanted for himself and that would bring him joy. What he discovered completely changed his life – and now he was on a new mission to help guide others toward their paths of self-discovery. Enter Jack Baric.

Jack is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker who pitched Paul the idea of making a documentary film on the history of the USC vs. UCLA football rivalry. Not content with just making a film, Paul and Jack agreed that the red carpet premiere of the film should bring supporters from both schools together to raise money for charity. The outcome was Rivals United for a Kure, a fundraiser for the two cancer research hospitals at UCLA and USC. The premiere was such a success that the campaign has continued to date and has raised over $4 million for cancer research.

As Paul and Jack became friends through the Rivals United campaign they began discussing Paul’s ideas for helping people to access the philosophies he had learned on his path to a more joyful life. Jack and Paul both love sports and the great life lessons that can be learned from playing on a team and so they embarked on creating a company that would channel the power of sports to help empower people. That company is GameChange.

Paul and Jack wrote a book, “Thru the Tunnel,” which featured “true stories of sports and life that empower your spirit.” Additionally, they launched GameChangeNation, a platform designed to provide inspirational sports stories and education resources for a global community of athletes and in the process creating a safe space where the community can inspire each other.

We hope you join GameChangeNation, a place where we can inspire each other towards living a more fulfilled life.