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High Performance Mindset

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Join the High Performance Mindset Training Camp with Dr. Glenn Fox

Unlock your potential with the High Performance Mindset Training Camp, designed to cultivate the skills, mindset, and resilience required for excellence in entrepreneurship and athletics. Guided by Dr. Glenn Fox, a renowned expert in performance psychology, this program offers a transformative journey through ten meticulously crafted training camps.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Heart Modules: Develop emotional intelligence, gratitude, purpose, and optimism to fuel your inner strength.
  • Command Modules: Master leadership skills, build effective habits, and optimize your physical wellness through expert guidance.
  • Lift Modules: Overcome challenges, control your responses to external pressures, and foster a growth mindset for continual improvement.

This course is not just about learning—it’s about undergoing a profound transformation that equips you to thrive in competitive environments. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an athlete looking to elevate your game, these training camps will provide you with the tools to lead, excel, and achieve your highest goals.

Join us and transform your dreams into achievable goals. Start your journey to peak performance today!

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What Will You Learn?

  • In the "High Performance Mindset" training camp, you will learn how to harness the power of emotional intelligence, strategic leadership, and resilient thinking to excel in competitive environments. Guided by Dr. Glenn Fox, you will explore core themes such as gratitude, purpose, optimism, expertise, and growth mindset. Through practical exercises and reflective learning, you'll develop the skills to overcome challenges, optimize your habits, and make disciplined decisions that propel you towards your personal and professional goals. This course is designed to transform your approach to challenges, enhance your leadership capabilities, and equip you with the tools for sustained success in entrepreneurship and beyond.

Course Content

Training Camp 1: Heart, Command, Lift
We live in a time that offers entrepreneurs unprecedented opportunities, but starting your own business still requires you and your initial team to make big sacrifices.

  • Training Camp 1: Heart, Command, Lift

Training Camp 2: Heart – Gratitude

Training Camp 3: Heart – Purpose

Training Camp 4: Heart – Optimism

Training Camp 5: Command – Expertise

Training Camp 6: Command – Habits

Training Camp 7: Command – Sleep

Training Camp 8: Lift – Challenge vs. Threat

Training Camp 9: Lift – Locus of Control

Training Camp 10: Lift – Growth Mindset

Closing Session: Integration and Moving Forward

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